Days like today remind me of why having unconditional friends are such a necessity in life. I felt a bit self conscious as I walked as inconspicuously as possible today but my limp was still clearly visible. People stared and I had a few comments tossed my way. Initially, I wanted to turn back home and curl up in bed. Instead, I acted confident and finally made it to my destination. And that was the best decision I could have made. My friends were there and they made me laugh and realize how silly it was to be so concerned about my walk of late. My roommate, who has been become such a rock in my life, has also helped me keep my focus. Her encouragement and understanding has been much needed. Being around all of these people always makes me feel incredibly lucky. The point of this is to not focus on how defective I have been feeling, but instead, the focus is on people who really can make a difference in your life. Always remember to surround yourself with people who make you laugh, smile, understand, and truly care. People who accept you. People who accept all that is good about you and will also accept all of your flaws. Nothing less than that is worth your time. True friendships are hard to come by so once you have them, don’t let them go. Don’t let them disappear into the abyss of time. Don’t fail them. You will always need them. And they will always need you.   



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