The Realness of a Dream

I had a dream the other night
You were in it
It seemed so real
It felt so real
You seemed so real
In my dream I knew this couldn’t be true
No matter how much I wanted it to be
No matter how much I wished for it to be
But I knew I was dreaming
That my imagination had taken over
Because you don’t ever talk to me or respond to me
You don’t acknowledge my existence
I am nothing to you now
That is how I knew
I knew that even though everything was how it once was
It was false and imagined
I knew it had to actually be a fairy tale of sorts
My fairy tale
I knew this wonderful dream would end
And that I would have to wake up
But I didn’t want it to end
I didn’t want to be awakened from such a slumber
I didn’t want to come back to reality
Because you were in my dream
And it all seemed so real
So perfect
And exactly how my world was supposed to be
But it was only a dream
And you, well you were in it
And now once again my to tortured heart feels scarred
All because you were in my dreams


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