Another excerpt 

Here is another little excerpt from a project…Feel free to leave feedback! 

He has eyes that will captures her heart instantly. His gaze makes her feel like there will never be another who can make her feel so alive. His smile makes her heart beat in nervous anticipation. When she thinks of that beautiful mouth, she instantly bites her lip, wishing he was there in front of her. He’s unlike anyone she has ever met and he has stolen her heart. But no matter how much she wants him, no matter how much her soul craves to be around him, he can never be hers. Nothing she can do or say will change that. Her love must go on unrequited. Nothing can quite compare to the emptiness that unrequited love brings. There is always the betrayal of hope that lingers, luring her to believe that just maybe, maybe he will come back to her. But it’s a false hope. Her heart is broken and she can’t move on. She is forever stuck in a world that is dark. There is no light. She will linger there, and torture herself slowly by her memories.”


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