Here is a little character excerpt I have written and plan to use in a project 🙂 
She is a confident girl who tries to always be strong. There are some cracks in her exterior which cause her to crumble at times, but she manages to pick her self back up. Her big blue-green eyes are kind and curious. Her eyes are always imploring when she is talking to someone. People always notice her smile because it is always there. Her short blonde hair is constantly trying to become a little freer than what she allows. She is of average height but she tends to carry herself tall and proud. Her constant positivity tends to draw people in, though there are those who don’t fully understand it. She wants to always be remembered as positive, kind, and gracious. She wants to love fully and be loved in return. One day, she hopes to find that love. She hopes she will find the love that won’t try to diminish her free spirit, but instead encourages her to fly. 


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