Scarred Hearts

I recently was able to capture a stunning photo of a couple who were getting their engagement pictures taken. Their obvious love and partnership inspired this post. 

There are many journeys we take in life and there are several paths we take on each of these journeys. Falling in love is a particular experience in life that is both wonderful and painful. It is exciting and terrifying. The steps you take to get there may not always be the most conventional or easy. You are opening yourself up in the most vulnerable manner to another person, hoping with all of your heart, your feelings are not going to go unrequited. You are allowing another person to truly have a glimpse into your soul. You have let them see who you truly are on this lead up to love, both the beautiful and imperfect parts of you. And if you are lucky enough, they will in turn, let you become intertwined with their heart. From then on, a partnership is formed. Dreams are dreamt together, plans are made together, and your future seems a little brighter with someone by your side to share it with. In an ideal world, finding that person who is your counterpart in life, would be easy. But more oftentimes than not, we fall in love and find that while you may truly love the person you are with, they are not the person you were truly waiting for. They not are the person who sharpens you, who makes you be the best version of yourself, and who quite simply, isn’t the person you are to spend a lifetime with. And as much as it hurts, as much as the pain of letting go crushes you, it must be done. Yes, some people do find that lasting love quickly and are happy forever, but there are those people whose hearts may be broken time and time again. Whether they caused the break, or it was the other person that broke it,  you are left with a heart that is scarred. But when you finally meet that one person, who completely changes your world, who takes your heart with all of its scars and makes you feel as though you have been set free, you finally understand. You finally understand that all of the pain and uncertainty led to this. You finally understand that all of the others helped to guide you here. All of the brokenness, the disappointment, and the feeling of being lost led you here. It all led you to that person who, although may not be perfect, and may have their own scarred heart to give, is the person you had been waiting for when you began the journey of falling in love. What a beautiful feeling that must be.   




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