Writing Projects and Meeting Goals 

I have been working hard to focus back on my writing and have been working on some various projects. Some take more time and effort while others have been more of a breeze. I have so many goals and ideas for my writing. I am so happy to actually be putting in the quality time I need to be successful at this. I am getting closer to finishing out my first big project, which is a novel I have been working on. It is the first of a series and I’m just proud I am getting close to actually completing it. So I decided to post the prologue and would appreciate any feedback. Thanks! 

“The sun had begun its slow ascent into the clear blue sky while a few stray clouds floated lazily over the water. The water rolled onto the beach with ease. The sand was smooth and beginning to shimmer in the early dawn. A bird could be heard calling in the distance. This moment of nature seemed flawless. Nothing it seemed could touch or break its peaceful aura. The water continued to push it self gently against the sand, smoothing away the footprints that had been left behind; footprints that belonged to a lone woman walking along the water. From a distance this woman seemed to fit in perfectly with her surroundings. She moved gracefully across the sand, her long tan legs glided effortlessly over the sand. Her long blonde hair flowed all around her as the wind blew gently against her face. Her face was a flawless design of perfection. Her face had just the right shape, her cheekbones defined in the most becoming manner. Her lips were soft and formed into a perfect shape. Up close her beauty was beyond compare, yet her sapphire eyes were glistening with unshed tears, her mouth no longer smiled with the ease it once had. Thoughts of how life had gone wrong were crushing her very existence. Lost faces and terrified screams crowded her mind. The begging and pleading of nameless victims taunted her. Her mind taunted her “How could you do it? How could you be so evil?”  In the midst of these self condemning thoughts a family appeared; a family of long ago, a forsaken family. The unshed tears slowly made their way down her soft cheeks. The woman felt herself crumbling. She wrestled with her thoughts, fought to hold her resolve until all that was left was the distant screams of those left behind. The beautiful woman had made it so far yet felt and knew she was a million miles away before she could ever be free…”


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