Unbroken Bonds 

Today is National Sibling day so I want to take a bit of time to show my love for my siblings. I have more emotions today regarding them than normal. Perhaps because I am missing them so much due to my first week being away in a new home. I was very lucky to be in a family of five children and of course I count myself even luckier I was the youngest of these five. The bonds I hold with each sister and my brother are very dear to my heart. I would not be who I am today without their love, their support, their criticisms, and their care. As children, my sisters and I would play as much as we could outside, Barbies were a must, and of course we had endless indoor house activities we would come up with. The sky was the limit for our imaginations. I valued the time I shared with my sisters growing up and would not trade it for the world. Although there is a significant time gap between my brother and I, I have always adored and looked up to him. Saturday morning cartoons with him were quite honestly one of the biggest highlights of the week for me. As we have grown older, relationships have changed to hold more respect for one another and to have open honesty with one another. My sisters and brother have been there for me in my darkest times as well as my happiest times. We have all shared grief and sorrows, we have shared complete joy. I cannot imagine life without the craziness or silliness of when we are all together and the constant laughter that always occurs. I will always value their input, and always hold close their love. I will never let the bond of our friendship be broken. And I never want want us to drift apart.

Our Paths May Change As Life Goes Along, But The Bond Between Us Remains Ever Strong.”




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