Pushing Forward to Become Stronger

So today was my second official day in New York City. I arrived yesterday midmorning incredibly exhausted due to staying up all night the previous evening. I took little naps on the plane but that wasn’t enough. Once I arrived, I unpacked everything immediately which is rather amazing for me to actually have accomplished. It has been such a nice feeling to have everything put away though. We went out and celebrated me being here and then today I had some solo adventures. The point of this blog tonight was to say how utterly fascinating and empowering I am finding this wonderful experience to be. Even though I was tired and wore out, I was able to rally and enjoy a little night out with lovely people. It continually astounds me how much diversity is here and I love it. I love seeing so many different people and wonder what their lives are like. I love seeing all of the different places and dreaming of where I want to be and how I want my life to turn out. I dream about what I want to accomplish and feel motivated to make my dreams a reality. I feel a sense of pride knowing I am taking on this new experience with all that I have. There have been a couple of times where I felt a little intimidated but I just tell myself to be strong and keep pushing forward. I think many people can relate to this feeling. What a triumphant feeling it is to hold your head up high and face new experiences. Yes, you may be a little scared, but knowing that you didn’t allow that fear to control you is by far, a most satisfactory feeling. I encourage anyone to follow their dreams and do not let fear hold them back. The amount of pride I have for actually coming to New York far surpasses any of the doubts or worry I had. Even though I am only in day two, I know this was indeed the right decision. I know that I will continue to face new and unknown adventures. It is something I look forward to. No matter where you are, stretching yourself to do something new and different is honestly one of the best things anyone could ever do for themselves. You get to know yourself in a new way and you find your strength. Becoming a stronger person who knows themselves fully is a goal I intend to reach. I am certainly on my way to reaching that goal and I just need to keep pushing forward no matter what.


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