A Forever Marriage

DM 11  Forty-two years ago, on this date of February 17th, the year being 1973, my parents pledged vows to one another. I am proud to say they have kept their vows as they celebrated their forty two years of marriage today. I feel incredibly lucky to have parents such as them. They have remained together and loved one another continuously through the years. It is not something I can quite imagine yet. However, their story, as well as witnessing them together my whole life, makes me want what they have. It makes me want that for my sisters and brother. For my friends and those who are close to me. Their love and commitment is something that is becoming more and more rare. I myself have fallen short of the mark. But I know it is possible when I look at all they have endured. They moved away and started their own adventures which has always put a strong desire in me to follow in their footsteps and have my own adventures. They were strong enough to make it on their own. They worked hard and took care of each other. They had fun and made each other smile and laugh. They started a family which wasn’t easy. They were away from their own families and the responsibility was solely upon them. They first had a son. I love hearing the stories about my brother with them in Colorado. He sounded like an adorable little boy although I would not get the chance to witness that young innocence due to the years between us. But I can just imagine that towheaded little boy running around keeping my parents on their toes as they started down the long road of parenthood. When my oldest sister was born, they were faced with more challenges as she was born prematurely. They had to deal with surgeries, hospitals, and doctors for quite some time. But that did not break them. I love seeing the pictures of my brother and oldest sister when they were younger. They looked to be the best of friends. My parents eventually would make their way back to Indiana where they would end up having three more girls, myself being the last. What a full life they had chosen. They had five children, four of which are GIRLS.  My dad has worked hard his entire life to take care of his wife and family. My mother has done the same for him and us. Maybe they worked in different ways but they were both essential to the raising and caring of their family. They instilled within us children to keep a close bond. I loved the fun times I had growing up with my sisters. And even though I don’t have as many memories with my brother, they are fond ones. I am so happy I am still close to all of my siblings. I believe this is a direct reflection of my wonderful parents. What a happy life I have led due to my parents love, diligence, hard work, and caring. I am so thankful they said “I Do” to one another that day, forty-two years ago. I know it has not always been easy. I know there were hard times. I know there were dark times for them. But in the end, it doesn’t matter. Because that is what true, deep, and meaningful love can do. It brings you out of anything rough you are facing. My parents are still each others’ rock. They still support one another fully and try to make life better for one another. They love each other more and more as time goes by. I know they will continue that love forever. Even though I have barely scratched the surface on their story, I hope it can provide even the smallest of glimpses of their love, happiness, and commitments. Happy Anniversary to my parents. I will forever hold dear the love they have shared. IMG_7929 IMG_7928 IMG_7934 IMG_7930 IMG_7932 IMG_7935 IMG_7931 IMG_7933


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