Staying Positive

Keeping a positive spirit is something that comes pretty easily to me. I have never been one to dwell on the negative or focus on every thing that goes wrong around me. I do have my few bad days here and there because I am only human. There are days even the most positive people get down. I may not have had as terrible experiences as others, but I can guarantee you. Life had not always been a walk in the park. I have had my dark times and I know I’ll have more. But I try to always keep an optimistic perspective no matter what. I have made a little list of ways to help stay sanguine even when life seems to be going the opposite way.

5. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes who is going through something similar but worse. I know we hate to do that because we want to have self pity. We want to have that moment of focus on our problems. But you will become consumed by your problems and miserable if you stay on that path. Start thinking about the other person and their trials. If you really start thinking about everything they are dealing with in comparison to yourself, and I mean truly and deeply make the comparison, you will begin to make the realization that you need to accept your circumstances and move on. Realize that truly things could be worse no matter how dark they seem to be for you.

4. This ties in with my previous point. Acceptance. Accept your circumstances. No matter how angry you are, how sad, how disappointed, or heartbroken you are, your situation will still be there. It is out of your control. Therefore, face it head on with undeniable confidence and positivity. I can promise you that even if the world is falling down around, and you remain strong, it will not matter what you are facing.

3. Think about what you faced before. Reflect on how far you have come and still want to go. It’s incredible to me that our human nature is to reflect on our past failures and our past battles. We should instead look at those failures and battles as stepping stones to something better. That they launched ourselves to a better path even if it wasn’t an easy path to find. We can learn so much from our past. When I have days that I question what I am doing with my life, I think back to what I have been through. I think back to how even though I may have been a complete and utter failure at times, look at where being in that predicament made me. I look at my last trials and I see myself as a stronger and more seasoned individual than I was before. Just hold your head up and keep going.

2. Learn to take a step a way from negative influences. Negativity will only fester and make you bitter. If watching the news makes you focus on the negative, stop watching it until you can learn how to effectively deal with outside negativity. Look up uplifting stories. If social media is affecting your mental happiness then maybe it is time to consider stepping back from the social media. Take a break from it or start removing whatever it is you follow or who you follow that brings you down. Most importantly, surround yourself with people who are only going to encourage positive behavior. People can have such a strong influence over our lives. That is why it is crucial they be the kind of people who can encourage you during dark times, support you in your endeavors, be understanding, and be honest in a kind manner.

1. Finally, learn to let go. Let go of the past. Let go of being unable to control all of life’s curveballs. Let go of the pain you may have due to the cards you have been dealt in life. Holding on to anger and sorrows will only cause bitterness. And there can be no positivity when you are bitter. Bitterness eats away at you, changing who you truly are. Once you can let go, you can focus on what is good and what you should be holding on to.

I hope this little list helps for all of the big stuff that life throws at you but also even the small stuff. Feel free to add to it if you have your own ways for staying upbeat.



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