Here We Go Again

So I have taken time away from writing for the past month. I have missed it greatly. Life has been once again getting in the way. Work, health, and family have all been in an upheaval due to the holiday season. But it is time to get it back on track. No more breaks and no more excuses. I have decided to work on some things with myself. It has been some time in coming for me and I wanted to put it in writing because I feel like it is a necessary to put it down in words. I want to have some point of reference or some kind of reminder. I have compiled a little list of life goals and ideas I hope to work on not only over a course of the year, but continually over several years. Because they are goals I need to keep in my life. They are ideas I need to always have in mind. I do not consider them resolutions because in essence, they are improvements that my life needs and has needed for awhile. I want this list to be something I can look back to not only in one year but in many years to come. I want to see how it has positively affected my life for many years to come. I’m going to be a little more transparent in this than normal which is a huge step for me. And so I shall begin this life list and see where it takes me. I want to clarify this list is in no particular order. It is honestly ten items I believe will significantly impact my life in their own way.

10. Stop the excuses. Way too often do I find myself also coming up with a reason or excuse not to accomplish something or why something didn’t get finished or why I should not do something. It’s time to stop that. The only obstacle is myself and I need to move past that.

9. Start believing in myself. To an extent, I know there are some things I am decent at or have talent in but I don’t truly have that solid belief that I can do anything or am good at something. This stems from me believing I am failure. I have had a few failed careers, I failed at college, I failed at marriage, and the list could go on. But I need to believe that I can do whatever I put my mind to that makes me happy. I should not limit myself due to my past. Instead, I should look at my past as building blocks for the future. This leads to my next point.

8. Let the past go. Holding on to it is not going to change the present or future. Instead, it is going to limit me on what I can accomplish. It’s going to hinder relationships, work, and life in general. Dredging up the past only hurts me and others.

7. Stop being afraid. For awhile, I had conquered many fears. But now, I have felt myself slipping back into old thoughts and patterns that allow fear to creep in. I need to start letting go of those fears and allow courage to do its job. Fear holds people back while courage gives you that momentum to take on the world.

6. Start taking better care of my physical self. Begin working out even if I start with once a week. Strengthen myself physically to have the energy I need to accomplish anything I set mind to. Start eating a little better. I’ll never be a health or fitness extremist but I can do a little bit better in those areas to start making myself feel healthier and stronger.

5. Improved time management. This is always been an area of weakness for me. My attention span is always everywhere so I tend to take on as much as possible and then fail miserably at trying to stay on top of everything. I need to learn to pick my battles and prioritize. I could accomplish so much more if I could get better at this.

4. Begin to budget better. I tend to fail in this area because I work so much and feel I should be able to spend a little bit of this money. However, I always spend more than I should and constantly find myself in a bind. Debts need to be paid and credit improved. Following a budget would allow my finances to be in a much better place mentally and financially. My stress levels would improve drastically.

3. I’m going to let go of the negative and toxic people in my life. I have allowed in my entire life to let people in that have affected me negatively and who have hurt me greatly. I have allowed people who are supposed to be my friends talk to me with no respect and treat me in ways I would never ever be able to treat someone else. No longer will that be the case. Quite simply. I deserve better. Keeping myself surrounded by positive people, and people who can recognize their wrongdoings is only going to improve how I am as a friend and person.

2. Focus on the positive always. I do this often but there are times I let doubts and hurt take over. It’s not worth it to do that. Life is so much sweeter when you can find the positive. I have never been a negative person and I never want to begin to be. When I get negative feelings or start feeling down, it affects me mentally and physically in such a negative manner that I know that type of mentality is not one I want to encourage.

1. Travel as often as possible. Traveling is a major passion for me. I find inspiration and hope in traveling. I love to experience new and exciting things. I love opening my world to what others experience and live. I want to see the world through others’ eyes.

I hope others can relate to this list and understand where I am coming from. My hope is that even if it takes years, I will be successful in conquering this list.



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