The Cons of Being Laid-Back

Being a laid-back individual is honestly a trait I possess that makes me enjoy life so much more. It makes my stress levels be less and I am able to let things go and just roll off of my shoulder. But what happens when you are continually taken advantage of being a laid-back person? I have to say normally I don’t care. I just let people say whatever to me and ignore it. But there comes a build up point where for some reason something is triggered and you break. It’s not a fun point to reach. You react in abnormal manner which then makes you feel disappointed in yourself for letting yourself getting caught up in the moment. Especially when you are always even-tempered and calm. But then you have to wonder, should I have let the same people take advantage of me over and over? Isn’t this a little bit of my fault too for letting it go so far? I begin to think, had I just put a stop to it from the beginning, would I get myself into a breaking point situation? But then on the other I wonder if it’s fair that I can’t just be myself and let things slide. But am I really letting things go if there comes a breaking point? I am only human. We only can handle so much. I simply cannot wrap my head around people who have no problem being mean and get worked up for no reason. I understand that is how they are. I just don’t know why they want to be viewed in that manner. I don’t like drama. I just like to be carefree and happy. That is truly who I am. I feel like drama is petty and insignificant in the big picture. I like being someone who just lets stuff go. How can you be successful at that when you are constantly being pushed? I don’t have the answers. I wish I did but in the end I do not. If anyone else has feedback I would love to hear your perspective.


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