The Magic Behind Adoption

November is National Adoption Month so I thought it would be fitting to write about it. I know that there are different sides and various emotions when it comes to adoption but today I am only going to write on the positive side. A year ago today my brave sister and her husband had the official adoption of five wonderful children. This journey all started when my sister and her husband, once they found out they were unable to have children naturally, made the choice to foster. What a huge decision that is, yet they took it on with their big hearts and open minds without a second thought. After fostering various children, they began to foster a girl and baby boy. These two children had three full blooded siblings who were being fostered elsewhere. Eventually my sister and her husband were approached to foster the additional three children. They, of course, accepted. Their hearts were too big to turn them down. Finally, they were approached to adopt these five children. Although, they took some time to think and decide, I know that they knew in their hearts from the beginning, these children were theirs. The changes I have seen in these children from the beginning to now, has been incredible. These children have blossomed greatly and are growing up in a family that loves them dearly. I am a proud sister. I am so proud my sister and her husband were brave enough to take this monumental step and that their hearts are soft and caring. I am so proud that they work hard and try hard to better the lives of their children by raising them as best they can. No, it’s not been the easiest road for them but it has been a fulfilling one. It is wonderful knowing there are people in the world like my sister and her husband that are willing to make a difference in a child’s life. They truly are a forever family and I am so glad they are my family too.



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