Politics…The Turmoil

Politics….It is a topic that people either love or hate. It is a topic that can cause such strong emotions or cause complete and utter passiveness. I am not writing this post to give my opinion on either side. I am simply writing it because of some pretty extreme things I have seen people write or have heard say over the past week. I have also come across some rather discouraging statements as well. This past week a significant election took place and the overall vibe I felt by those around me was angry, judgmental, smug, and careless. Selfishness was also an underlying factor. Many people were angry about which side was winning and many people were too smug about the outcomes. Some people went as far to say since their party didn’t win the majority, they would consider defecting to Canada. I took a offense to that. We should be proud Americans and want our country to change for the better. We should not give up on our great country. I think sometimes we forget who we are as Americans and where we started. This is why we need to understand and become educated about who we trying to put in office. We need to care enough to learn more about each individual candidate versus only caring about to what political party they belong. Now I am not naive. I know that when changes need to occur, it’s much more beneficial to have the majority of the party behind you. However, I do believe each candidate needs to be researched for their values and goals and should not simply receive a vote because of their party. That may be an unrealistic view but what if a candidate receives a vote just because of their party, really shouldn’t be in a position of power? I don’t have the answer. My wishful hope is that people would just become more educated and start to want the best for country. The country has a whole, not everyone’s own agenda. I know this may seem like a naive and wishful post but it’s a nice thought and hope.


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