Solid Love That Continues On


In love….It is something most people hope to understand at some point in their life….Yes, there may be fanciful love that doesn’t last, there may be conditional love, and there may not be any love at all…My hope is that every single person, although unrealistic, may experience the kind of love my parents have. The reason behind this entire post is due to a simple card and beautiful roses. These items were given by father to my mother. She received them four days after her birthday. This particular date is something I have heard about several times over the course of my life. In fact, it is a date that is significant to my life. You see, if on this date, 45 years ago, a significant and important event had not occurred, I would not be here. It is the day my father met my mother, which was four days after her sixteenth birthday. He has never looked back. It is the day he fell in love. This was in a time where everything was simpler and there were less distractions yet I firmly believe had they met under modern times of today, he would have still fallen just as in love as he had back then. Why do I believe such a notion? Because he is as in love with her now as he was back then. He still makes the effort to be the husband she needs. She adores it. I know she does. Even though my mother may not always be the best at expressing her affection at times, I know she needs my dad. I know she loves his efforts and wants him to be the man she has always known. It was quite evident to me this past week as I read the card he gave her for their anniversary. No, not their wedding anniversary, instead it was the anniversary of their meet cute. This card contained everything I have always believed about my parents and their marriage. The words portrayed a love that cannot be stopped, a relationship that will never cease. I strongly believe their story was meant to be and will continue to be even after they move past this life. It is a story I can look to for inspiration in my own life. Perhaps one day I will tell their full story. And I can promise you, their story is one that is worth sharing and that one can find value in knowing.


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