Stopping Distractions and Excuses

This marks only my third blog since being on this new blogging venture. I thought I would have more written by now but it seems I have let life get in the way which I find disappointing. I know others may have struggled with this and I also know it is possible to overcome. There are so many distractions and reasons one can find when working on various projects. I love writing. Period. It makes me happy and peaceful. Yet, I always seem to find I have no less than twenty other tasks that need my attention so I feel rather frivolous if I choose writing over completing anything else. I need to learn to no longer feel guilty about spending time doing something I enjoy immensely. If I can work on my time management, there should be no reason I can’t accomplish my writing goals and other goals I have set for myself. Not to mention, I should be able to complete normal everyday tasks as long as I choose my battles wisely instead of overwhelming myself. I tend to overwhelm myself to the point of getting nothing actually done I had originally set out to do. Well today is going to mark a change for me. I am no longer going to find excuses or find myself distracted. My hope is to contribute to the blogging world more consistently from here on out. Hopefully my topics will be of some interest to others. I know this may not be the most illuminating of blogs or even that interesting, but it felt necessary to write my thoughts down. In a way, it holds me accountable because it acts as a marker of sorts. And so my journey will continue and develop over time and hopefully will interest others.


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